Robin Boone is President and CEO of Glory Secretarial Solutions (Glory). The mission of Glory is to provide administrative and secretarial support to small business owners, faith-based organizations, non-profit organizations, and virtual enterprises.

Robin's experiences encompass a wide range from working as a file clerk to secretary, to executive assistant; to fulfilling the role as a program coordinator and supervisor/team leader, and solely managing the satellite office of a statewide mentoring agency.

Robin accepts challenges head-on with the determination to do her best with every endeavor and Glory is fast becoming a shining example of that determination. She desires that business owners, non-profit and faith-based leaders  have the time and the energy to fulfill their mission, vision, and goals; that they invest in the necessary administrative support to take care of the day-to-day tasks necessary to ensure those leaders are free to see to the growth and stability of their businesses/organizations.

Robin has earned the reputation of providing superior customer service. She is highly skilled and has the unique capability of effectively communicating with leaders at all levels. She is a visionary, adept at seeing needs and creating (or revising) systems and solutions to meet those needs.  She welcomes the challenges of learning the 'latest and greatest' advances in technology. Therefore, she is continually growing and adding to her skill set. She has also discovered a hidden talent - writing!

Robin is a graduate of Liberty University with a B.S. degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. She resides on Maryland's Eastern Shore with her son and takes great delight in visiting with her daughter and grandson.